Project Graduation - Class of 2023
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Thank you for considering a donation to Project Graduation 2023 for Kaiser High School.  In less than a year from now - on May 19, 2023 - the Class of '23 will graduate.  Before embarking on their next adventure, we offer one last celebration and get together for the graduates. Project Graduation is a drug and alcohol free party held for the seniors immediately following the graduation commencement.  The entire evening is planned for safety and security and is well chaperoned by parents, alumni and other adult volunteers. Of course there are costs involved to attend Project Graduation.

To offset a portion of the cost for that night we have fundraisers, apply for grants through community foundations and charge a fee for each senior that attends.  We still need more. A large portion of our expenses come with donations from the community, Your brand and/or name will featured on the Kaiser High School PTSA Project Graduation Website and there are opportunities to have your brand and logo present during graduation, on campus and in the swag bag provided to students at the event.  We thank  you for your support!

If you have any questions, please email KaiserPTSA+PG@gmail.com

Friends of Kaiser High School PTSA - Federal Tax ID: 99-0307220
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