Project Graduation - Class of 2023

Dear Class of 2023 Parents,

Can you believe our children will be graduating in less than a year from now on May 19, 2023?

Well, it’s both painfully true and wonderfully exciting. And as some of you may know as well – there is another exciting event that comes with graduation – Project Graduation!!!

What is Project Graduation ("PG")??? It is a drug and alcohol free party held for the seniors immediately following the graduation commencement. Your participating senior will be transported to a specially selected site for an unforgettable night of FUN! Everything that is planned is kept secret until the attendees actually get to the site. It is the last party they will attend all together for a long time. The party lasts till dawn when they will meet their parents again back at the school. It is truly the most memorable event in your child’s life following their graduation. The entire evening is planned for safety and security and is well chaperoned by parents, alumni and other adult volunteers.

Of course there are costs involved to attend Project Graduation. To offset a large portion of the cost for that night, we ask for donations from the community, have fundraisers, apply for grants through community foundations and charge a fee for each senior that attends. The cost for Project Graduation varies based on when you register.

To register, you will need to complete all three sections of this form, electronically sign the form and upload proof of insurance.  You will be able to save this form and continue later, but to be considered registered all forms must be completed and payment made via the link provided.  
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